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Chapter 21

Deep inside the ring world, Halo the humans put up a brutal assault on the covenant troops. Their objective, stall as long as they could for the Master Chief to get to the control room to learn about the Pillar of Autumn's crash site. The covenant has put up a long and hard fight to keep the humans away from the control room but to them, their hardest wasn't hard enough. The Master Chief with the help from his A.I partner Cortana is now starting to make their way into the control room. Halo has been playing a game of "hot potato" between both sides assisting them in any way possible. Sanghelios still being tormented from his memories keeps pushing on despite his pain. In High Charity things are going rather odd. The brutes are now climbing up the ladder of command at a fast almost unbelievable pace! Inside the covenant's holy city, High Charity Doisac meets the Prophets in their inn sanctum to discuss about the events prior to what happened and where Doisac himself sits in the covenant considering he is a being with zealous faith to their words.

"Those are my reports noble prophets." Doisac humbly spoke with his body kneeling on the ground with his hammer and helmet next to him.

The prophet of truth scanned the reports calmly but also nonchalant like if he didn't care about what had happened. With a press of a button on his floating throne the hologram of the report vanished. He then gazed upon Doisac and then closed his eyes.

"You have done well Doisac. The reports are indeed most appetizing; Sanghelios, our most loyal member has fallen in love with a human, has become meek, and soft towards these wretched creatures. The pure thought of this is making me sick!"

"Indeed noble prophet. What are you planning on doing this since Sanghelios is starting to become this sinner and showing love and compassion to these things?"
The prophet of truth scanned the area to check if no one was listening. He then cleared his throat and spoke in a smooth old voice that brought Doisac's attention to focus carefully.

"I' am planning on replacing Sanghelios with you Doisac for your ability to uphold our faith without fail."

"Do you jest? Are you speaking lies to noble prophet as mean of a joke?"

"No Doisac, I do not jest of this offer. You see I thought about this once and I discarded it thinking it will never happen but now since Sanghelios has strayed away from the blessed path for feelings of love for a human female I can now say that the time is right for you to take control Doisac. But also the timing is also not right at the same time."

Doisac's head and eyes shot up to meet the prophet's divine gaze.

"Then when will it be time and what shall I do when this time happens?"

"You will know Doisac when it comes, you most certainly know. But that will be all for right now Doisac, your stuff has been moved to a new apartment, next to Sanghelios's of course."

Doisac silently dipped his head as he slowly stood up. He grabbed his hammer and slinked it over his shoulder as he grabbed his helmet and put it on his head.

"Finally, the prophets are starting to see my usefulness after all! Now it's only a matter of time before I can kick his pompous ass out of here! I' am Cerberus, a brute chieftain not some lowly grunt! If it were mine or the prophet's choice I would be on that ring world but no I have to listen to that stupid lizard's words and not go!" Doisac immaturely complained to himself.

Doisac lumbered around the gardens and gazed upon the plethora of birds and fish in the gardens. He looked them with disgust thinking about how he could easily crush each one of them. Doisac went back to his room. In his room the first thing that greeted him was a small but empty crib. It was too large for a human baby or for an infant elite to fit in but it was the perfect size for a baby brute. Doisac's red and feral eyes slunk down to meet this shadow cloaked crib that was made from some kind of wood base substance. He took off his helmet and placed it on a large stool and laid his hammer next to the helmet. He proceeded to walk over to the crib while stroking his beard. In the crib there was a rattle made from the hide of a thorn beast and a lightly bloodied blanket with holes that were black around the edges and rips in the cloth. Doisac hung his head low as if he was looking at an invisible infant brute. Then a small but faint toothy grin snaked in the corner of his face. Memories of his past started to flow in. He could hear laughter, genuine laughter, something that he hadn't heard in years, he could hear the laughter of his former self and other voices that he had nearly forgotten. They felt alien to him, he wanted to laugh out loud in nostalgia but he just pushed them away before a tear was starting to take form in his left eye and let out a faint growl to the empty crib.

"Hello…little one." He sullenly cooed to the empty crib.

He looked at the blanket for six minutes with a parental gaze, stroking the blanket and gently nudging and tapping on the rattle with his index finger as if he was playing with a baby that wasn't there. He only stopped when started feel an emotion that he hadn't felt in a long time and began to sniffle. He then laid next to the crib, with his hands cradling his head and gently rocking the crib from side to side with one of his feet. He then looked up at ceiling, planning when the day comes that he can successfully get rid of Sanghelios for good!

Meanwhile on Halo Sanghelios and his men pushed back the humans to the best of his abilities with the help of fleet commander Thel Vadam'ee. But he's efforts are fruitless as the humans pushed them more and more and the fleet master growing more irritated by his follies. During this time the covenant kept poking around Halo's darkest secrets, much to his dismay. Sanghelios charged for Austria, Germany and America with swords drawn out ready to kill them!

"Die human filth!" He ordered to the two humans.

"Get ready you covenant bastard!" The three shouted as they readied their weapons.

Sanghelios collided with the three humans by clothes lining Germany and America and kicking Austria in his stomach. America quickly got up and fired three round from his shotgun, Sanghelios took a hit from the blast as he rolled and went after Germany! Germany quickly pulled out his knife and thrust for Sanghelios, Sanghelios moved his neck out of the way, twirled around gracefully and landed a blow with his sword that cut Germany's right shoulder. Germany went down in pain as the snow was like salt, cold salt in his fresh wound, his rich red blood splashed against the white powder, staining it. Sanghelios heard a gun reloading and twirled once again, his moves were so elegant, so graceful that three felt like they were fighting against a reptilian feather or….Reach herself! Sanghelios's long years of sword training and his bottled up pain paid off as his moves were swift and brutal! He waltzed around America jabbing him in the back of his legs, his shoulder blades, his pecks, his stomach, and then his chin to finish him off. To the other soldiers the snow cloaked the combatants in a fine white screen. The only thing Eayn managed to see was the glow from Sanghelios's energy swords and the fire from the human's shotguns. Like if he was an orange mortar being shot out of a wraith, Sanghelios propelled himself out of the snow screen with Austria in one hand and a sword in the other.

The two plummeted to the snow with another cloud covering them. Austria rolled away from Sanghelios, kicking him in the face as he was rolling away. Sanghelios stood up in pain, tending and checking his mandibles. Sensing that they aren't broken Sanghelios slashed at Austria a total of three times before catching him by the throat and lifting him up high. The two were now in a death stare! Austria could hear the inhaling and exhaling that Sanghelios made from his battling and Sanghelios could feel Austria's warmth in his hands, Sanghelios felt like a god! Getting to decide on if he shall live or die!

"What's wrong Sanghelios? Why are you hesitating?" Austria asked while gripping Sanghelios's arm.

Sanghelios said nothing but kept the same amount of pressure around Austria's neck. He didn't know either. In his mind he felt that he had to do it, for the covenant, for the great journey, for his pride! But there was a small voice in the back of his mind telling no. If he did what would he gain, what should he feel, what would Hungary feel, but the most important thought that held him back was, what would Reach say and think if he went with his deed? Would she feel angry, would she feel sad, would she never forgive him? The last thing on his mind that he wants to see is Reach crying again.

"I-is it because of her?" Austria asked while reaching for his knife.

"Y-Ye-Yes, it's because of her."

"You're still regretting aren't you?"

"Yes human I still am. I miss her greatly like I told you earlier. I don't want to make her cry again by shedding her family's blood on my blades."

Austria grew silent as he let go of his knife handle. He also didn't want to make his daughter cry, what kind of father would he be if he did? To kill the one thing she loves the most, to take Sanghelios away from her, he would be a horrible excuse for a father! The two stared at each other for what seemed like hours until they heard chanting on both sides calling out their names.

"Do it Sanghelios!" Cried Balaho.

"Don't you even think about it Sanghelios!" Hungary shouted as pointed a rocket launcher at his direction.

Sanghelios hesitated, contemplating what should he do next? He eyes and mandibles battered in desperation. He could hear the chants of murder in his head but he also heard another voice in his head telling not to do it but let Austria go. Sanghelios's eyes grew more feral as nanoseconds ticked to seconds and seconds ticking into minutes all seemed like hours for the two. Sanghelios's grew shaky. Austria was now understanding how much stress the elite is going through and closed his eyes with a sigh. Sanghelios gently put Austria down on the snow ground.

Hungary lowered her launcher as she saw Sanghelios's choice. Sanghelios's group were shocked even Halo himself was shocked! Sanghelios hung his orange armor clad helmet low being too embarrassed to even glimpse at his men. He started from a light jog then went into a full sprint. The humans, well the majority of them, didn't seem to care about Sanghelios's problem and just went back to fighting with the covenant. However some like Austria, Japan, Italy, and even Hungary felt sorry and somewhat at fault for his sudden flee. Hungary bit her lip, contemplating on what she should do next. She knew that they were assigned here to help The Master Chief but now she felt sorry for Sanghelios.

"I'm going after him!" Hungary acclimated to her fellow countries as she readied her rocket launcher.

"How, The Chief took our only hog."

"I don't care; I'll go on foot if I have to."

At this time Balaho and the rest of Sanghelios's squad followed him leaving the rest of the covenant soldiers to fight the humans. Sanghelios ran until he was looking over a chasm. There he saw The Master Chief fight off Covenant troops with the help of some marines. He was alone, alone overlooking the slaughter of his fellow elites, alone with his pride hurt, but his hearts ached so much. His mind replayed Reach's face and smile over and over like a broken record. He roughly grabbed the front of his helmet huffing with great sorrow in his voice.

"R-R-R-Rea-Reach." Sanghelios moaned. "Why, why, why does your name haunt me?! Are you punishing me?! Why do you hurt me?! Why is it that every time I hear the very mention of your name that your smile becomes my harsh blight?! Tell me, tell me Reach! I love you! So why is it that my love for you becomes a phantom that racks my hearts!?" Sanghelios then slumped to the ground holding himself.

He starts punching the snow and he claws at the white powder until rock met his cold fingers. He then starts to punch the rock until his hands started to be smothered with his purple blood. Unlike his fit in the ship he didn't stop but kept punching and punching and his hands got bloodier and bloodier. He laid in a fetal position roaring and screaming Reach's name. If the Spartan himself came around to kill him he wouldn't care, his hearts were in too much pain to care.

"Am I being shamed a second time but without the symbol being burned onto my flesh?
Someone please, kill me!" He whimpered as he shivered on the cold snowy ground.

Sanghelios felt tired after sitting in the snow with his bloodied hands. Maybe it was the hypothermia setting in from his wounded hands or maybe he just cried himself to sleep in the middle of battle, whatever the reason was Sanghelios lost all consciousness and drifted to his distant memories in his slumber.
In his memories he is a young Sanghelie and found himself bloodied and holding a wooden copy of the iconic energy sword.

"Get up Thel!" Spoke a large elite wearing the fabled Arbiter's armor. "I said get up you runt!" The elite spoke again as began to walk over to Sanghelios.

Sanghelios stood up with his knees shaking, his four digit hands quivering, his young mandibles flaring with exhaustion, purple blood trickled down from a cut bruise onto his upper left mandible.

"Y-Y-Yes sir!" Sanghelios spoke out with exhaust and firmness in his young tone.

"Again!" The arbiter spoke.

As if by instinct Sanghelios readied himself and charged for the Arbiter yelling at the top of his lungs. When he was about to make a strike on the Arbiter, the Arbiter moved to the side and roughly grabbed him by his neck, threw him onto the ground and stomped on his stomach causing Sanghelios's purple blood to belch from his body with a few splats landing on the Arbiter's leg.

"Piece of shit! If you're the fruit of my loins then where is your warrior-born knowledge? I wanted a son who is a natural warrior from birth not this little piece of crap of a Sanghelie!" The Arbiter bitterly badgered Sanghelios.

"I'm sorry father, I will try hard next time we spar I will be a good son and I will follow your footsteps!"

The Arbiter laughed coldly at his words and walked away with the sound of his armor clanging against the marvelous cobble stone walkway. Sanghelios wobbled through the small town he called home his bloodied and beaten up state. When he finally got to his home his mother was waiting for him. She is in a weakened condition that makes bedridden and she had learned about how his sparing went with his father and thought seeing that she is out of her bed would cheer Sanghelios up. Sanghelios kept his head low but he forced his eyes to gaze at his mother who was waiting for him. He felt happy to see his mother outside, most of his life he has seen his mother in bed since he barely knew his father, the only times he sees his father is usually whenever he decides to claim Sanghelios and force him to brutally train and eventually spar with him. Sanghelios had an uncle to keep with tradition which was that the uncle would act like a father figure but he died due to an illness. His mother was the only real family he has now. He walked over to his mother and tightly hugged her like if this was the last time he would see her.

"How did your training go today?" His mother sweetly asked.

Sanghelios went silent and loosened his grip on his mother before speaking.

"I failed. I failed him again." He spoke sullenly.

His mother giggled at him and raised his head.

"You didn't fail Thel. You just didn't have a good day. I bet even your father was like
this when he was your age."

"You think so?"

"Of course, not everyone is born perfect. You just got to keep going at it until you mastered it."

Her words soothed Sanghelios and he laughed a little bit to cover his pain. His mother ushered him inside the house for midafternoon lunch.

The memory fades out to a field of lush green. Sanghelios is now the adult that he currently is; He scans the field of green grass and finds a large Phoenix-class ship in the distant. He felt the grass in between his toes and it felt slightly alien to him. He deeply breathed in the air and to his surprise it made him feel like he was at home. He felt relaxed and secured.

He continued to look around the area and saw a woman and someone else waving to him and calling his name. The woman's voice sounded so familiar to him, like he had heard her voice somewhere. The sun of this world broke through some clouds that masked its rays to reveal to Sanghelios that the woman was none other than Reach! She was wearing a beautiful white flowing sundress! Her hair flowed like waves in the light breeze and her amber eyes showed pure happiness. Sanghelios knew this was a just a dream and wanted it to end before this would turn into a nightmare. But he wanted this dream to keep going for seeing her smile and face made this dream worth it. But he noticed the second person, it was small, the same height of an average child of 4, it was female, she wore orange overalls, a hat that covered her head and her hair were in two pigtails with four small beady hair ties that looked like plasma grenades. One thing that he noticed was the child's eyes; they were goldenrod! The exact color of his eyes with no doubt!

"Sanghelios over here! Come over here! We have lunch ready!" Reach shouted as she waved.

Sanghelios bowed his head politely and started to walk over to them and the little girl, giggling as she run with her arms wide open ready to embrace Sanghelios. The dream faded back to reality, cruel war torn, cold reality.

Sanghelios groaned and slowly opened his eyes to find Balaho shaking him. He was surrounded by the closest things he could even consider family even though he treats them horribly at times. In the back of his mind he knew he was dreaming but to him it felt all too real to him.
"Was that a vision of the future?" He thought to himself. "How long have I been out?"
Balaho looked to Eayn who looked to Te.

"You have been out for about seven hour's sir." Balaho stated as he point to the setting sun.

"What about his holiness?"

"We don't know sir. We assume he went with the humans." Te stated as they nudged Sanghelios to his feet.

Sanghelios noticed that his hands were bandaged up; the cloth was obviously not from any of his friends. They belonged to a human, a female no doubt. They belonged to Hungary who was watching over the group from a safe distance with Austria. Sanghelios nodded to his group as he drew out his swords and ran out of the chasm with his friends tailing behind him.
The battle on Halo rages on! This chapter tells about Sanghelios's brutal childhood and also his future in a vision. Who is the little girl in his vision? Doisac's past starts to show, a bitter sad past filled with lose. What will Doisac's past tell? And the seeds of betrayal are being planted.
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